Cisco’s updated CCNP Security Program comes up with a more ‘solutions-based’ and less ‘device centric’ approach, inline with the current network security job roles. The previous (VPN, IPS, Firewall and Secure) certifications has been replaced by more task-oriented programs with a variety of integrated tools which cover a broad spectrum of security issues.

Rather than the previous concept of specializing on individual security tools, on Cisco platform, the new certification programs focuses on areas of expertise and real-world experience with production networks.

Some of the Highlights of the revisions are the Mobility Component, Web Security, Email Security NGFW, AUC and the ISE (Identity Services Engine) element – the policy management and access control system that span across wired, wireless and VPN connections.

The redesigned CCNP Security certification validates the necessary skills required by network security professionals to design, deploy, maintain, and manage end-to-end network security solutions. The new CCNP Security provides a comprehensive security posture with focus on technologies like cloud, mobility, and a borderless environment.


  • Less device oriented
  • Not product specific
  • Common network topology that sustains throughout the certification program
  • Focus on current technologies like Mobility,ISE,BYOD

Despite the revisions, Cisco retains the concepts of Firewall, VPN, IPS and secure papers but brings in a broader security canvas that integrates the current market transitions.The program validates one’s knowledge on the components and architecture of secure access and advanced Firewall; tests on Cisco ISE architecture, solutions, components as an overall network threat mitigation and endpoint control solutions;Covers IPS, Web (cloud) and e-mail security solutions.