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ITRONIX SOLUTIONS delivers an in-depth best Machine Learning training in Mohali. Students having Machine Learning certification are able to secure a quick job in an MNC. Participants need to enroll in a best Machine Learning training institute in mohali to attain the skills involved in the technology. Our core strength is our trainers, who are expert professionals and veteran from the industry. At Machine Learning institute in mohali, our trainers have developed practical modules combining the syllabus (industry compliance). During the Machine Learning course in mohali, trainers create realistic situation using simulators and devices.

ITRONIX SOLUTIONS is a well-equipped Machine Learning Training Center in Mohali. Candidates will implement the following concepts under Machine Learning :- Linear Regression with One Variable, Linear Algebra Review, Linear Regression with Multiple Variables, Octave/Matlab Tutorial, Logistic Regression, Regularization, Neural Networks: Representation, Neural Networks: Learning, Machine Learning System Design, Support Vector Machines on real-time projects along with Machine Learning Placement Training modules like aptitude test preparation etc.

  • What is machine learning?
  • What are the use case of Machine learning?
  • Statistical learning vs. Machine learning
  • Iteration and evaluation
  • Major Classes of Learning Algorithms -Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning
  • Different Phases of Predictive Modelling (Data Pre-processing, Sampling, Model Building, Validation)
  • Concept of Overfitting and Under fitting (Bias-Variance Trade off) & Performance Metrics
  • Types of Cross validation(Train & Test, Bootstrapping, K-Fold validation etc)
  • Introduction to CARET package
  • Introduction to H2O package


  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Generalization & Non Linearity
  • Recursive Partitioning(Decision Trees)
  • Ensemble Models(Random Forest, Bagging & Boosting(ada, gbm etc))
  • Artificial Neural Networks(ANN)
  • Support Vector Machines(SVM)
  • K-Nearest neighbours
  • Naive Bayes


  • K-means clustering
  • Challenges of unsupervised learning and beyond K-means


  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Collaborative Filtering


  • Social Media – Characteristics of Social Media
  • Applications of Social Media Analytics
  • Metrics(Measures Actions) in social media analytics
    Examples & Actionable Insights using Social Media Analytics
  • Text Analytics – Sentiment Analysis using R
  • Text Analytics – Word cloud analysis using R
  • Text Analytics – K-Means Clustering


  • Taming big text, Unstructured vs. Semi-structured Data; Fundamentals of information retrieval, Properties of words; Vector space models; Creating Term-Document (TxD);Matrices; Similarity measures, Low-level processes (Sentence Splitting; Tokenization; Part-of-Speech Tagging; Stemming; Chunking)
  • Handling big graphs
  • The purpose of it all: Finding patterns in data
  • Finding patterns in text: text mining, text as a graph
  • Natural Language processing (NLP)

Machine Learning with Python Training in Mohali, India

Know how Statistical Modeling relates to Machine Learning

  • 50 hours of Instructor led Training
  • Comprehensive Hands-on with Python
  • Covers Unsupervised learning algorithms such as K-means clustering techniques
  • Get introduced to deep learning techniques